5 definitions by JmoRhino

A hot drunken mess and state of being where you rummage through food, destroy furniture, and try to have sex with everything.
Man that guy is so Cooned, he ate all the snacks and is trying to hook up.
by JmoRhino September 16, 2016
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dimelo loco is Dominican slang for hey whatsup. If defined by book the translation is "tell me crazy". It is commonly used by Dominicans to greet every person regardless if they speak Spanish. kind of like a "hey whatsup, What's going on or Talk to me"
¡Dimelo Loco, what's new"

Hey bro long time, Dimelo loco!
by JmoRhino June 28, 2017
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Guvy is a nickname for a US Government Vehicle, typically bearing GSA plates.
“Hey get in the back of the guvy, we’re heading down to Fort Hamilton.”
by JmoRhino March 1, 2021
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A sound alike word for McDonald’s. Usually associated with kids who cannot say McDonalds and substitute it with the word “Pitanos
Uncle johnny we want Pitanos
by JmoRhino September 1, 2021
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Belligerent swagger while wasted. In this state, one is Sauced and wasted One becomes Swaced. While Swaced one begins to fart on the dancefloor and tries to pickup women. A Swaced person is typically a hot drunken mess
Did you see that guy, he just pissed on someone shoes in the bathroom, man he's totally Swaced.

Ewww that guy just tried to get my number and crop dusted me while I was dancing, he so Swaced.

That Swaced guy just ate and drank everything at our table and took the waitress money, unbelievable.
by JmoRhino September 17, 2016
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