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The weak way people try to
a)praise their friends or
b)cut their enemies, probably someone that banged your boyfriend,
by describing them in simplistic terms and then using the word in a simple sentence.

a)Example-Jenny- a beautiful person that is kind to people, really smart, and not as ugly as she looks. a Jenny is a person who is warm and funny, and takes in stray animals, and works at the special olympics.
b)Example-Ginny- a slut who goes to parties so she can sleep with your boyfriend, and who has a stinky vagina, even if she has a nicer ass and nice blow job lips, and knows the entire Sanchez line of hair products. Did I mention I hate her, ooh I hate her I hate her I hate her. Is it that obvious?
Ashley put my name in the Urban dictionary to boost my weak self-esteem, and then I found out that I was a slut who liked an occasional Dirty Sanchez with my Blumpkin. I wear my Abe Lincoln and pink sock proudly on President's day. But what really gets my tit in a wringer is the urbidilution caused by such a blatex rimming.
by Jenny does clevelend January 11, 2008
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