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He is the trumpet dude that makes you laugh using his witty, lame, and random comments. He lives to make people smile and wants nothing more. He cares for everyone and shows his true feelings. He isnt afraid to tell her how he really feels. He doesnt seem like the guy to just go up to and say "Hi" until you hear all the amazing stories about him. Then once you meet him you know that he is a person that will stand by your side through thick and thin. When someone is sad he cant stand it and uses every ounce of his power to make a smile light up on your face and have a sparkle in your eye. He is loyal and trustworthy. You can trust him with your secrets and he will not tell a soul. You always want a Phillip as a friend (;

I <3 Phillip~
Jay : I am kinda not in the best mood today.

Phillip Nguyen : What?! No! Don't get sad get GLAD :D

Jay : Ha (: Aight then. Oh can you buy me a donut?

Phillip Nguyen : Of course! LETS GO!
by JenNee06/01 September 30, 2010
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