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A bad larry is a male who is always scheming or looks as though he's about to scheme. He has a sneaky demeanor and loves that you recognize it. He walks into a room with an evil smile. He plays tricks on people, puts himself way before others, and is always on the hunt for sexual conquest. Bad larrys can be of all walks of life. Black, white. Young, old. Few actually deserve the title. True bad larrys love being called one. Bad Larrys are rarely in the same room together. Theres a Bad Larry in every group. He's the one that will let you down.... but look good doing it.
your friends catch you having sex. later you walk into the room that their chilling in. Your shirts either off or open, backwards hat and shades.... and a big smile. "Look at this Bad Larry" The bad larry is proud.... never ashamed. "I can't believe you called into work and told them that bullshit about your sister dying... you're such a Bad Larry!" The Bad Larry's reason for lying? Obviouslly there was a party, booty call, or smokeout in the works.
by JeanPaulFOOL! May 14, 2007
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