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Moist Board is a collection of well known internet trolls, spammers and cloners. Initially from the SciFi.com bulletin boards, they ended up forming their own message forum due to their trolling antics being repeatedly deleted from SciFi.

The Moist Board members tend to follow their leader "Stallion Cornell" around the web, looking for new websites to troll. They are well known for creating hundreds of alternate nicknames and handles and for holding spirited debates with themselves via the use of their various clones.

The Moist Board is obsessed with the 1978 tv series Battlestar Galactica and endlessly harass fans of the new, more successful show.

The Moist board is also well known for altering the posts of members who disagree with their points of view. The Moist Board has set the bar for mod-panel abuse which other forums find difficult to duplicate.
The Moist Board is a collection of internet trolls obsessed with the tv series Battlestar Galactica
by Jean Paul Desmond April 17, 2009
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