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A boxer or a amateur fighter who fights with no strategic plan. Basically just throws punches wildly like Mike Tyson, Shawn Porter, and Deontay Wilder
Nico:Hey Coach Joe
Coach Joe:Yeah wassup
Nico:You seen Mike Tyson fight before?

Coach Joe:Yes why
Nico:What type of fighter is he? I wanna study him
Coach Joe:Well he’s a brawler and very good one too
Nico:Wow so he just hits people with no plan?

Coach Joe:Pretty much so
Nico:Well then, I guess I’ll do the same

Coach Joe:Good, now go study
by Jayyythefootballplayer July 03, 2021
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A man who doesn’t face his fears when it comes to women. He is the exact opposite of an alpha male
Zion is such a beta male man. He couldn’t even ask Yasmine to go a party with him even if she was nice enough.
by Jayyythefootballplayer April 18, 2020
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An annoying white woman who constantly initiates conflict with people mostly blacks.
Derek: Yo J
J: yeah?

Derek:I hate karens
Derek:Because they love to start shit
by Jayyythefootballplayer November 26, 2020
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A man usually southern who has a big one.
Erica: Yo Tamera
Tamera: Yes?
Erica: You see Darrell
Tamera: Yeah why

Erica: Look down
Tamera: Damn that’s a Johnny!
by Jayyythefootballplayer December 19, 2020
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