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1. The act of sucking someone's toes to give or recieve sexual pleasure.

2. The act of ejaculating sperm into someone's anus, and then sucking the sperm out with a straw. Without a straw, this is known as felching.
"Once that chic washed her feet, i was shrimping all night."

"I fucked that dude, came in his ass, then sucked every drop out with a straw. Man, I love shrimping!"
by Jaybirdking April 19, 2009

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A computer game that losers play instead of doing normal stuff such as having sex.
Normal Man: "Hey, Alex, you wanna go look for some sex or live like normal humans?"

WoW Player: "No, I'd rather waste my life away playing World of Warcraft and getting fat."

Normal Man: "Dude, you're a loser!"

WoW Player: "So what's sex like?"
by Jaybirdking April 19, 2009

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Lice you catch from screwing someone.
"I fucked that chic and she left screwvenirs all over my dick."
by Jaybirdking April 19, 2009

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The sperm of a gay male.
Renaldo: "What did you do last night, Josh?"

Josh: "I hooked up with a hot dude and left my gaybies all over his face!"
by Jaybirdking April 22, 2009

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