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An urban myth creature known by many for it's enormous sexual appetite. Many regard these as sexual predators.
She craves almost anything sexual.. She's a wenee
by Jay Kay October 20, 2003
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Lunk is a stupid, very sexy man named David who has scholiosis.
"Hot damn, there goes Lunk floundering about the hallways again."
by Jay Kay April 09, 2004
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When upper year collage students have a competition to have sex with 15 freshman girls in a specified amount of time, this could be one night, or one week. The one who reaches the goal, or sleeps with the most about of girls in that specified amount of time, will have bragging rights.
Jenny: "Hey, here's some advice. A lot of guys are doing the freshman 15 this year, so don't get to drunk at that part tonight."
by Jay kay March 31, 2013
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