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the uber-hip quick-action version of the popular adjective hardcore unemployed. if it's even possible, this looks even more hxc uxe than the real word(s) and sounds twice as much so. it holds a whole new attitude that tells you not to mess with it unless you know what you're doing.
1. "dude, this definition is so hxc uxe, you have no idea"
2. "i saw these guys today, they were totally broing out hxc uxe. i was hxc uxe freaked out. Gieda would be hxc uxe pumped to hell, since there was some natty ice and a big black dildo and even some hxc uxe gamecube involved"
3. gamecube
by Jarricklietti Productions December 20, 2006

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something that is so incredibly badass or awesinine that this adjective is the only thing that could possibly come close to describing it. the ultimate superlative word. if you or anything you say gets labeled this for a good reason, then you are pretty much God for that moment. if it's a bad thing, well you are probably about to die.
1. "yeah i could have dated Keira Knightly but i decided not to"
"man, not only does that suck hardcore unemployed but you are the most hardcore unemployed gaywad ever made!"
2. "wow she's so hardcore unemployed loose"
3. "you got me Jaws: the game! wow this is supposed to be so hardcore unemployed!!1!11!!!"
4. snakes on a plane.
by Jarricklietti Productions December 20, 2006

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