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Haboob is a word by which you can address any form of action, activity, person, event or even a nice car
Initiated by Hamza Iqbal or the OHH (Ottawa Haboob House), the word haboob has been picking up rather swiftly by the young generation and mainly attendees of the University of Ottawa. Haboob can be used in conjunction with almost any word in the English literature but preferably should be used right before the sentence, "what the rass?" and "don't be a rass-cake"
Almost certainly, the marriage of these words can create a rather fun and entertaining atmosphere when trying to integrate diversity differences among the young generation of today. Use the word at your own discretion
"yo man where are you"
"haboob, am sorry, i had to make a stop to pick up my chinese timbs from canada post"
"what the rass, guy? are you still coming?"
"dont be a rass-cake, i'm on my way"
"okay haboob"
by Jarrah - China Mo February 24, 2008

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