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Leeds United fanatic who never sleeps before games like Middlesbrough at home, and his fanatic status signifies that he knows the score. Windmilling expert and seasoned in giving rival fans a fisting.

Can either be found in the West Stand (John Charles) toilets at Elland Road talking to some young boys who are fanatics of the future, or in the upper East Stand (now closed) eating Fish and Chips that he bought from Graveleys. Or on the WACCOE message board rallying fellow fanatics in his campaign against Leeds United owner Ken Bates, and his high ticket prices which, much to KBEES's dismay, results in low attendances. That combined with the amount of non-fanatics that follow Leeds United, of course.

A good mate of scum fanatic Pete Boyle, KBEES is every happy clapping, prawn sandwich eating, jester hat wearing non-fanatic's worst nightmare.

Typical KBEES post on WACCOE:

"Only 16,000 attended tonight's match against Boro at home. I was talking to some young boys in the JC toilets who agreed that we need more fanatics to turn up at Elland Road - and I don't mean jester hat wearing non-fanatics. We were outnumbered by the Boro fans who I gave a few of a good fisting, then I ended the night in the upper east eating Fish and Chips from Graveleys, thinking about how so few fanatics bother to turn up for games like Boro which they should never sleep before


Often resulting in abuse from non-fanatics that don't know the score.
by January 3rd remember the date August 30, 2011
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Abbreviation for "fanatics know the score", often used as a sign-off message for windmilling, fish and chips in East Stand eating, conversation starting with young boys in the John Charles stand toilets fanatic KBEES on Leeds United message board WACCOE.

Usually preceeded with a rant about Leeds owner Ken Bates, a moan about the attendance and ticket prices or an anecdote involving KBEES and the top boy of a rival team's hooligan firm getting along like old friends.

I spoke to two young boys in the John Charles stand about Bates' ticket price but as they were prawn sandwich eating, jester hat wearing non fanatics they didn't know the price, so they weren't even aware of Ken Bates destroying our club. Even one of Millwall's top boys who I had a pint with in the Peacock last Tuesday agreed that there are loads of NFs unaware of what is happening to Leeds.

by January 3rd remember the date August 30, 2011
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