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A super sweet, loving, caring, funny guy who is always finding new ways to make you laugh/smile. He is very passionate and likes to keep his girl happy. He is a very faithful and loyal friend and boyfriend. He is somebody that you just love to be around and can't get off your mind. He'll always be there to comfort you when you need it. He likes to stay active and paint. When it comes to his girlfriend he likes to make sure that she knows he loves her by always telling her and reminding her in cute ways. He does get a little jealous but only because he loves her so much he doesn't want to share her or ever lose her. He puts a lot of effort into the relationship and isn't a jerk like most guys. He will treat you very special and make you feel like a princess. If you don't know what true love is, you'll find out with him. He's the best person in the world!
"Cristian is soo sweet! Did you see what he did for his girlfriend?"

"I can't keep Cristian off my mind! I just love him so much"
by JaneDoe8 November 29, 2012

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