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noun. INFORMAL. Inherently both gangster and hardcore simultaneously and harmoniously. Much like todays mainstream fashion dopecore is a hybrid of gangsterism and rock. To be dopecore one must display characteristics of a person who does not give a fuck about anything while still maintaining a constant level of acceptance among his or hers community for being so fucking dopecore. Caucasian and African people between the ages of 14- 45 are most likely to be dopecore without even knowing it because they are usually addicted to recreational drugs such as cocaine, heroin, acid, mary jane, meth, crack, peyote and mushrooms etc. (prescription drugs acceptable if abused properly)

Dopecore is a style and a way of life in most of Canada and the United States. Some of our favorite celebritites are dopecore, but diguise it becuase most people look down upon them when they get caught for being dopecore or overexaggerate dopecore
Holy shit! That guy is soo fucked up, look at him throwing that lobster in the lake for that girl he wants to impress. He must be on some crazy drugs or drunk out of his tree. Nah, he is both on drugs and drunk harmoniously, he is definatly dopecore. Man does he ever look good in those tight pants and baseball cap.

Wow those two just lit a garbage can on fire to stay warm. Oh jeez that is so dopecore they are using alcohol to put out the flames. That girl is hilarious she is definatly not thinking about calling the fire department.
by Jake Scherer March 19, 2007
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