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Is one cool kat.
A Butter is always nice, funny, smart, and always good with the ladies. Butters aren't rich, but they have nice stuff. A Butter is someone who knows a lot about music, and has a lot of musical style. The always know have something for you to listen to. So listen up.
Most of all, Butters are always fly / ill / dope / tight / fresh / cool / sick / cute.
Example # 1:
"Yo, Yesterday I was just kickin' with Ryan and his home boy Nick. And he played me this Deadly ass Skyzoo Sample, it was insane, i don't know where he gets it."

"Word up man, that dudes a total Butter"

Example # 2:
"Man, yesterday i was up on the block and i saw Jason drive by with some fine ass girls in his ride"

"Yea? He be a total butter".
by Jake Dunn October 07, 2007
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