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A horrible excuse for punk. They give punk a bad name.
Teenie:Lyke i just lyke got Green Days new cd!

Me:Fuck off you cunt, listen to The Clash, or Lower Class Brats.


by Jacob Crim January 08, 2005
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Punk rock is a very good sound of music. Started in the 70s with "Ramones" but didnt really get to good untill the british made it better. It has been dead. for along time. Deals with anti conformity, anti establishment, about anti everything. It is all about haveing fun and fucking the system.
Punk:Dead Kennedys,Adolescents,Black Flag,Clash,Damned,Buzzcocks,Public IMage Limited,Ducky boys,UK subs,X Ray Spex, Lower Class Brats, Social Distortion,The Niggers

Not Punk: Green Day, Good Charlotte, Simple Plain, Blink 182.
by Jacob Crim January 08, 2005
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