2 definitions by Jacob Joshua Jung

A guy who has spent more time with men pumping semen into his ass and mouth than with his own penis inside of a woman. If he's very dedicated and really gets "into it", he probably has "bareback" or unprotected sex, which he prefers for the sensation of his partner's throbbing member rubbing against and stimulating his prostate, which serves as his male g-spot, as well as the feeling of having his rectum filled with semen, which is known colloquially among gays as "getting bred".
Jake's a fudge packer. He got busted by the cops in the park while naked and bent over with Ben's dick up his ass.
by Jacob Joshua Jung May 09, 2020
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An obese homosexual who takes a submissive role during gay sex and is often the giver of oral sex, and/or the recipient or "bottom" of homosexual anal sex. May or may not act like a pig and make pig noises while he is sodomized on camera, and have a small penis which is referred to derisively as his tail, cocklett or clitty.
Jacob is a fat gay pig... and he likes it! He enjoys wearing a fake pig snout while he is humiliated for his big belly and small penis on webcam shows.
by Jacob Joshua Jung May 12, 2020
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