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If you're trying to get away from all of the bullshit of big city living then this imfamous longisland town is perfect. Amityville is a unique community where everyone either knows or is related to eachother. Here, the people are involved and very active but just mellowed enough to teach their kids how to enjoy life. Surrounded by worlds of diversity, Massapequans in their oversized SUV's and posers who live in Amity Harbor, the people of this town manage to stay real. There are no "fakes" in Amityville, other than the youth that run around in clothing too big for their bodies in an attempt to act thug, pretty much everyone has a good head on their shoulders. Here the police allow parties to carry on late into the summer night and everyone knows they dont check ID at the side door of local bars. The teenagers live in their own world of surfing, ball playing, pot smoking, beer chugging, pool hopping madness while the next generation takes notes in preparation for their reign over this small town. When it comes down to it everyone has their thing, weather it be athletic, musical or extreme. The white kids keep to themselves south of Merrick road while everyone else stays north of the village. In Amityville parents always bitch about the bad school system and no one ever has the balls to suggest a seperate school for the kids from the north part so they waste good money on expensive Private education where most of the kids from the south part go. Everyone knows that if private school kids went Public, no town would be safe because Amityville's strongest point is its youth. The kids here are very smart and the Baseball team would win alot more games if private schoolers went there too. But all things happen for a reason. Without this seperation there would be no rivalry between public and private and those pick up games at the high school wouldnt mean anything towards bragging rights. The adults know how to have their fun too, after all who do you think we learned all our tricks from. So don't be afraid if your a kid in this town. Just follow in the footsteps of your older brother or sister and ask mom and dad for that party because odds are they will wind up just as drunk as you when the night is done. So bust your ass in the gym, get that morning treat at 711 or wait in line forever at the Bagel store, go to the beach on Sunday with the rest of the town, run from the cops on Halloween and Fourth of July, eat until it hurts at Mikes, play wiffle ball on a field of garbage cans, lawn chairs, bushes and telephone poles, have a party in your back yard and go smoke down at Richmond docks, go to bed at 4 in the morning and wake up the next day to do it all over again. Sleep, wake up, work out, go to work, eat, party and sleep. This is the cycle of life in our town. Sounds pretty damn good to me.

...And oh yeah dont enjoy yourself too much Saturday night because everyone and their mother will know by 7 o'clock Sunday morning.
"Do you know where that Amityville house is?"
- "Yeah turn around and go right on merrick road once you're in Massapequa keep going"

"What's that you're drinking son?"
- "Apple Juice, Officer"
"Ok just remeber to throw out that cup when you're done"

"Can you turn the music down please...it's 12 am"
- "You want a beer?"
"Sure be down in a sec"

"When you're done with your homework go to Uncle Mike's and pick up my plate, then run over to Aunt Karen's and talk to cousin Jenna then go to Grandma's and feed her dog then cross the street to Uncle Jimmy's and watch your little cousins"
- "But ma... why do we have 100 cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents so close?"
"Weird isn't it"
by JackZ May 22, 2006
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