11 definitions by Jack Meough

Is a condition in humans characterized by an odor of feces hovering around the person. Causes are particulate farts, lack of hygiene, poor wiping, anal seepage, excess rectal hair.
A chick on the subway had a T-shirt with a bar of soap and the words "Rub me on your butt!" She was making a fashion statement against stink-ass.
by Jack Meough April 24, 2010
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Mondo-Boffo is a compound word made up of two words each defined individuallly here. It means extremely-successful; very-good; best-outcome; etc.
You won $10K in Lotto, Mondo-Boffo!
by Jack Meough July 05, 2010
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Skidmarks are brown streaks left on the porcelain bowl of a toilet when someone takes a big firm dump that rubs the porcelain bowl swirling around until it orients itself for exit down the pipes.
Who left the skidmarks in the shitter!?!
by Jack Meough November 18, 2012
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Bovine-Bingo is a "country" gambling sport, seen at county fairs, etc., and often used for fundraising. Tickets are sold for each of 100 or even more squares marked by chalk lines in a pipe-corral which also functions as the bleachers. It cost $5 per square at Mule Days in Bishop CA 15 years ago. You do not know where your square is until after you buy it, and then find the markers or map if you can. Your square is picked at random. The cow is led in, and the "fun" begins. The crowd roars, cheers, and jeers like a Hee-Haw skit. Once Bessie un-asses her cow-pie, the referee and Line Judge rush in with a scale and shovels, in case Bessie laid it on the line. I didn't win sh!t
I played Bovine-Bingo at the fair but didn't win sh!t!
by Jack Meough May 25, 2012
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