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A short term for Alabama. The way many Alabamians actually refer to their home state.

A great place to live, filled with people who are kind, hard working, and helpful. It's often insulted by movies and television shows that depict Alabamians as good-for-nothing white-trash, when in all reality, Bama's full of very intelligent and talented people.
I have lived in Bama my entire life.
by J_Leigh June 25, 2007
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A "Yankee."

Someone who can't stand southern accents, but have obviously never had to listen to themselves talk.

Someone who is incredibly rude, obnoxious, and just mean at times.

Someone who thinks that they're better than you if you were born south of the Mason/Dixie line.

Someone who drinks their tea hot and unsweetened. (EWW!!)

My new teacher is a Northerner, and I can't stand to listen to her talk.
by J_Leigh June 25, 2007
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