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Used to describe someone who is tired of other people's bullshit and lies and calls them out on it. To deflect, the person being called out cries "you're off your meds".
"You're off your meds" the morbidly obese sociopath wrote when i called him out for lying about me for the past 11 years.

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An efficient scammer that is able to use Facebook and Twitter to trick people into clicking shady links through social engineering
Cetin "The Cretin" HackAMoogle is known as scamtron because he used to work with the Russian mafia making fake like pages.

Some say he made the Anna kournikova virus. Some are wrong.

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An annoying sigh sound made by mothers to imply "I disapprove, but I won't say anything."
My mom loved to go "Thh..." when she was disappointed in my decisions.
by JESSE RADIN June 23, 2020

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A word used by 4chan losers to describe anything they consider weird or creepy.
by JESSE RADIN April 28, 2020

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Grab a bite to eat
To find a place to eat that is fast rather than good and eat something that is usually unhealthy.
"Want to gabte?" asks my dad
by JESSE RADIN December 06, 2019

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Originally Rest in Piece, now used to describe any situation that does not go as planned.
"Oh my god, you pulled on 3, I didn't get to prepot, RIP my parse" - Nerdlinger
by JESSE RADIN July 06, 2020

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Claims of damning evidence that usually are false.
Jose bragged that he had the "receipts" on Jesse and proceeded to gloat.
by JESSE RADIN July 02, 2020

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