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When you have a fear of chalk or cannot touch anything with a "chalky" feel like teachers chalk, sidewalk chalk, blackboards, chalkboard erasers or even books that seem to have a "chalky" residue on them. Also, when you cut your finger nails and you cannot touch anything for a certain period of time because your fingers are too sensitive so to say. You may feel "sifty" or have "siftiness" if:
1. you cringe when you touch chalk or chalkboards
2. you cannot touch anything for a certyain period of time after cutting your nails
3. have a larger reaction than most other people when the chalk or chalkboard squeaks
4. if while you were reading this you cringed at anytime

Disclaimer: If you have "siftiness" or ever feel "sifty" please join our cause and ask for a small dry eraseboard from your teacher when you are asked to write on the board so that you do not cause a "sifty" reaction to chalk.
He wrote on the chalkboard with chalk and immediately felt sifty.
by JAN JAN THE DANCING MAN February 08, 2008

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