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In reference to Jason McElwain the autistic basketball player from Greece, New York who was the ball boy on the team because he never made any baskets,he was put into the basketball game in the last few minutes and proceeded to completely miss the first basket, then score 20 points with 6 three point shots in a row. This phrase is used when some one does something especially stupid, "J-mac moment," or when you are attempting to make a basket and miss and then try again and make it.

J-mac now has an movie and book deal, with Disney. The Local McDonalds also served J-Mac's, not Big Macs for a few days. His catch phrase is "I'm hot as a pistol!"
George: Should I put ice in the iced tea?
Bonnie: Of course!
George: Sorry, J-mac moment!

Bill: (throws a paper towel away and misses, then tries again and makes it.)
Nancy: J-Mac!
by J-Mac is retarded April 09, 2006
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