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Someone who lights up the room the minute she walks in. She's very pretty, outgoing, funny and caring. She's someone who you'll want to have around all the time. Stephani is always the center of attention, most people are jealous of her. She's someone who is self driven and independent she usually has to listen to herself in order to make things work out. You either hate Stephani or you love her. She's someone who you can come to whenever you're feeling down and she'll lift your mood up. She's very positive, smart, creative and lovable. She's the type you bring home to your mother. She attracts a great amount of men and is more addictive than CRACK and PORN combined, once you're around her there's no going back.
Friend: I can't get over her.

Me: She was a STEPHANI that's why.
by IsaNe26 March 14, 2017

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