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Something mostly done by women, who then complain about it being done to them
Woman: I only talk to men who have 30+ inches
Man: You're slightly overweight
Woman: That's body shaming
by InsertOriginalName March 9, 2022
A: I'm gonna watch some videos on panhob.com 'cause I'm pansexual
B: Bro just go to the kitchen
by InsertOriginalName March 12, 2022
A website visited by sex-obsessed kids, who then read inaccurate and unecessarily sexual definitions of otherwise normal words, written by slightly older sex-obsessed kids
A: I need to learn about the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline
B: Urban Dictionary says it's a way to have sex
A: Thanks. I'll use that information in my Geography exam
by InsertOriginalName March 12, 2022
1) A distortion of one's facial expression due to an uncomfortable stimulus, the lifespan of which is proportional to the level of discomfort caused
2) TikTok
Barry: You know they banned TikTok in India, right?
Larry: Hell yeah, let's move there! TikTok is cringe
by InsertOriginalName March 12, 2022