80 definitions by Indica Bro

🔥 To be emotionally uplifted..enjoying what the CANNABIS has revealed🔥💨

🔥 A creative way of spelling HiGH man....
🔥 In the word HiGH the i is lowered because when I'm HiGH my eyes are lowered.
🔥 When I'm HiGH my i's(eyes) are lowered

🔥 HiGH
by Indica Bro July 02, 2019
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🔥When you just want to get HIGHER than the LEVEL your on at the moment.
🔥 HIGHER is my DESIRE when I toke on CANNABIS.
🔥 HIGHER is my DESIRE.. I will own this place one day
🔥 HIGHER is my DESIRE.. Next Level Shit!
by Indica Bro September 23, 2019
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In the state of being HIGH and finding anything that makes you HAPPY 😀
Finding anything that makes you HAPPY while being in the state of being HIGH
🔥 Eating this Strawberry Cheescake makes me HIGHLY HAPPY
🔥 After smoking that joint...I'm HIGHLY HAPPY
by Indica Bro June 12, 2021
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🔥 When your HIGH and your feeling ALRIGHT
🔥 Yo.. just toked that joint and I'm feeling HIGHT
by Indica Bro December 01, 2019
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🔥That the JOINT was rolled AWSMTASTIK or used to express that you're down for a JOINT💨
Vincent rolled that joint better than good.. JOINTASTIK
Let's toke this joint first..JOINTASTIK
by Indica Bro June 15, 2019
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A slang or shorter version of the word JOKING
🔥Having fun JOKIN and LAUGHIN
🔥Of course..just JOKIN around
by Indica Bro July 21, 2019
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A DANK version of saying GRANDPA.. inspired by the CANNABIS strain Grand Daddy Purple GDP
🔥 Grand Daddy Pops loves toking Cannabis
🔥 Grand Daddy Pops is my name and toking is the game.
by Indica Bro June 13, 2019
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