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A style of music relating to mostly underground bands, or music not popular to the self proclaimed 'in crowd'. Common listeners follow trends set by the lead singers of these bands, including skinny jeans, horn-rimmed glasses and band t-shirts. Incredibly false accusations of the term 'emo' include the opinions that people who listen to this style of music have mental disorders such as depression or bipolar depression, and that most all of them SI, or self injure, meaning they cut themselves.

Bands who produce 'emo' music include Fall Out Boy, Flyleaf, Suicide Silence, Bring Me The Horizon and several other bands listed under the categories of 'screamo' or 'punk'. People often think the teens who listen to this music mimick the lyrics to the songs, which created the steryotyp that anyone wearing skinny jeans, horn rimmed glasses, black skin tight tops or have the 'emo hairstyle' (layered and teased, mulitcolored) go along are instantly emo.
"Like my skinnies?"
"Wow, you're emo."
by ImNot Emo December 02, 2009

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