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Short for Anti Fascists: Excrement throwing Wanna be freedom fighters. Skinny armed Beta males and hairy pitted FUPA females . Typically live with their parents. Some are communistic college professors. Spout Idiotic,meaningless slogans against police, and conservatives. Answer ads in craigslist to rent a mob for 15 -20 bucks an hour. Stink.
Antifa is throwing poop like monkeys again.
by Ikampsowhatfu October 12, 2017

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Leftist weaklings that use any excuse to congregate and riot together against anyone they label a Nazi. No combat skills as none of the have ever been in the military or law enforcement. They wear gas masks because of their poor hygiene and they frequently soul themselves. Hide behind masks due to fear of law enforcement. They wear black clothing because it hides their pee stains.The males tend to be skinny with greasy hair.The females usually have a front butt.Recruitment is from college campus or the vast homeless populations in San Fransisco and Portland Oregon.They claim to be against fascism,however none of them will ever join the military to fight against true fascism such as the Islamo-fascists also known as ISIS because that would require real commitment and real courage.
Q: Where is that stink coming from? A: That skinny Antifa kid.
by Ikampsowhatfu October 15, 2017

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