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The other definition of party.

In times of today, a party is usually associated with alcohol, drinks, drugs, sex, etc.

A Partay is a party without drinks, drugs, or anything considered inappropriate for people of the age 17 and under.

A partay can consist of hanging out with your friends, going mini-golfing, dancing at a dance, and much more as long as it involves having fun without doing drugs, drinking, having sex, etc.
"Hey Kimberlee, We're going to partay tonight!!!"
"Sweet I'll bring the gatorade and music, let's hang out at Denny's!"
"Alright, see you there."

"Dang Teddy, last night's high school dance was alot of fun!"
"Yeah it was a total partay!!!"
by IgnominiouS Lad October 24, 2009
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