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Dizzy water, usually used as an innocent sounding name for Vodka, or sometimes any other type alcohol.
Coming to the sleepover in a few days? I hear Sam is bringing dizzy water. we can all get pissed :P
by Ian Dunsmore February 10, 2007

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Everyone knows what Scotland is. (especially if you could be bothered to read the definitions) But I just want to say, we're (yes, I'm Scottish) not all a bunch of English hating rejects who prance around in kilts and say ''hoots'' a lot more than your average Joe. Except maybe the highlands, well, not really. Although...
I'm going to Scotland, land of Scots, and sometimes Scotch, no it wasn't named after Scot but the Scotty dog probably was, speaking of dogs you can get a highland terrier and in the highlands you can get Scottish hillbilys (I'm being very anti-highland today)
by Ian Dunsmore February 20, 2007

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