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UTAU is a free japanese synthysizer that you can use by simply typing in the sound of a voice and playing it back and it'll sing songs for you. UTAU is the free version of VOCALOID , which you obviously have to buy and it gives you a certain voicebank (A voice bank is the source of the sounds that comes from a certain person). With UTAU, you can make your own voicebanks along with your own UTAUloid (The name of a certain character used to represent a voicebank). So there are most likely HUNDREDS and maybe even THOUSANDS of UTAUloids. The first UTAUloid was Kasane Teto , who was released as an april fools joke to make people think that she was a VOCALOID and to release the new software. She is most likely the most popular UTAUloid.
Dude1: Hey Dude2, check out this awesome software that I got. All you do is type in a sound like "Gyuu" and the chick says it. And if you type in all of the syllables to a song, she'll sing it!
Dude2: Oh thats awesome Dude1! What is it called and how much does it cost?
Dude1: It's called UTAU and its free!
by I8MyCuppycakes October 22, 2010
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Also known as Teto Kasane, she was the first UTAUloid released for the UTAU software. She was released as an april fools joke used to trick people into thinking that she was a VOCALOID . She has pink drill locks for hair and wears a school-like uniform with boots. Her voicebankcomes from Mayo Oyamano, a former voice actress. Teto is a chimera. She is 31 years old in chimera years, and 15.5 human years (She is most often depicted in her human form). Her character itemm is bread, for it is her favorite food. She is often depicted to be very innocent, and as a tsudere .
Kasane Teto is most known and debut song is "Kasane territory", also called "Teto Territory".
by I8MyCuppycakes October 22, 2010
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A candy popular amongst all ages. Some are covered in chocolate or sour coatings. There has also been a craze about gummy bears lately among preteens and teenagers.
I went to the theater and had the most amazing chocolate covered gummy bears. Yum.
by I8MyCuppycakes February 16, 2011
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A HORRIBLE music lable responsible for distributing cheesy generic pop songs with TERRIBLE GRAMMER. Rebecca Black's song "Friday" has made them well known. They have also written a whole bunch of horrible songs, each of them with a terrible and cheesy music video. So far, all of the little girls that have sang them are under the age of 14 the youngest one looking 8, they're all ugly, their make up looks like it was done by a 3 year old, they can't sing for crap which leads ARK to use way too much auto tune, echo, and voice effects. There's also this black pedo that appears and raps in nearly every video.
The song "Ordinary Pop Star" and "Friday" from Ark Music Factory are good songs.... if you're six years old.
by i8MyCuppycakes April 13, 2011
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It's a fourth generation (16-bit era) gaming console that was manufactured by Nintendo. The audio consists of 8-bit Sony SPC700, 16-bit DSP, 64 kB of SRAM shared by the two chips, and a 64 byte boot ROM. It uses cartridges instead of todays modern disks. It sold around 49.10 MILLION units. It's best selling game was Super Mario World. It is the GOD of gaming consoles. It's a timeless classic that's absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, evil people ceased it's production around 1999.
Me and my friends were playing "The Legend Of Zelda: a Link Through Time" on my Super Nintendo last night at my party.
by I8MyCuppycakes February 26, 2011
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1) A hella awesome fruit. Possibly one of the best tasting and unique fruits out there.

2) An artificial flavoring that SUCKS ASS. No one ever wants the grape flavored gummy, kool aid, jelly beans, gatorade, multi-vitamin, ETC.
1) I had some fresh grapes today. Now that was sum goooood eatin.

2) Chick:"Hey? Can I have a gummy bear?"
Guy:"Sure! Here, take the grape flavored ones."
by I8MyCuppycakes November 20, 2010
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