1 definition by I wish more gangsters would be tossed in jail

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An uneducated boy from Toronto of Jamacain herritage. He didn't like how Canada wasn't as violent as American cities so he started a rap scence and now in Toronto, there are a lot of punks that go around shooting people like they're gangsters.

The negros of Toronto also get mad when the police profile them but if it wasn't for Kardinal's fuck the police attitude and the fact that everyone who gets picked up dresses in fifty cent style fashion, the police and the public may actually respect and not fear the black community.

Through this, they also allianate the blacks that obey the law by being involved in most of the violent crime in Toronto.
Yo mon i'm Kardinal Offishall and I love encouringing young maa fuckas to be frontin on tha streets and picking fights with white people that dress nice. Violence is ya rack shatza maa fucka so fresh yeahh.

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