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The official mascot of megadeth, much like Eddie of

Iron Maiden, Vic is notably known for his appearance on

megadeth albums, specifically Rust In Peace.

Vic has also appeared in numerous megadeth music videos, especially hangar 18.

He is a kickass motherfucker and wears the coolest

all-metal bolt on shade sunglasses of all fucking time.

Dave mustaine, the lead guitarist/leader/singer of

megadeth said he comprised the idea for vic rattlehead

because his mother always told him to stop headbanging

to music because his head would rattle, thus Vic

Rattlehead was engraved into the illustrious mind of Dave

Vic Rattlehead is one sick motherfucker. Even though he is not as popularized on the new megadeth albums, he still kicks ass.
by I like megadeth December 29, 2009
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