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Benicia, aka the B, located in the notorious 707, is the sister city of Vallejo, CA. Where niggaz be goin to Nations just to scrap after football games and where people gotta wear id cards around their neck for security at Benicia High. It is a place where the school district has no money, but still chooses to increase their debt by installing camera surveillance at the high school just to catch those niggaz that always be taggin the walls. It is where people be boeing at sideshows in the industrial park......Oh, and I forgot to mention.......there's hella ripperz
Yo my nigg, watchu finna do friday night.

I finna stay in tha B cuz. Hella niggaz gon be at Nations scrappin like always.

AHAH I was ova ther las week and i seen these two niggaz from tha crest throwin bows wit some benicia niggaz.
by I grew up a screw up February 03, 2007

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