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Um, we do have the best public schools actually. And this town IS a really good place to grow up in. Nobody can deny that. It's a nice, plesant place... everybody knows everybody, people are cool and friendly, and we have an awesome town area to hang out in, walk around, and shop. (with exceptionally good shops --for ex: BCDG, Chealsea, Something Else, Shop 65, If The Shoe Fits, The Gap, Starbucks, D-Town Bookstore, Nuts Plus, Philly Pretzles, Bagel Barrel, Steak and Hogie, Nat's, Quizno's, and much much more. )

ps.. not everybody is rich around here.. we do have upperclass, middleclass, and lowerclass -- a full range of wealthyness.

So, if your anit-Doylestown.... have you ever even been here to see what its like? Or are you just pulling shit out of your ass to sound funny?
D-Town is sweeeeet place to live. So don't sterio-type it!
by I Live In D-Town March 09, 2005

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