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Is the typical sexy cod player who likes curry and spends like more than 1000 hours playing each cod and enjoys actin like a racist. They reached the top of their careers with mw2, thou they will waste the money in blackops and any new cod.
Theres an upcomin artisitc gaming movement called "Baberism"
^3.::.^2|^7^0SP|^pakz0r: Wassup Baber
Baber: Hi ma sexy n*gger
^3.::.^2|^7^0SP|^pakz0r: Wanna go play some cod or tf2?
Baber: nah cba, ima cookin some curry atm
^3.::.^2|^7^0SP|^pakz0r: coool, i'm eatin some kebab atm
by I'm the king of burger king October 10, 2010
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