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Stephen is the most amazing man you will know. The most loyal man you could ever meet.If you meet a stephen you might want to ask him for a hug. If he says yes... get ready it will change your life. He will pick you up and slowly spin you around. It WILL change you though.. no kiss, no food, no diamonds will ever beat this hug. He likes animals, is super athletic, will take you for walks in the parks and show you all the cool little dive spots, that no one talks about. He likes you in a t-shirt with no make up on, hair all a mess. He actually likes that the best. He will never cheat, he will never lie, he will always be there for you. He will take you to church with him and hold your hand on the subway.

Remember when you were little.. all you wanted was a prince charming? Then when you grew up you wanted a charming to respect, love, admire, challenge, and be on the same page as you ?

You found it in Stephen. I promise you that.
I wish everyone could have a Stephen Olesky in their life. If they did I truly believe there would no longer be war. People would walk around discussing issues such as, " I think my stephen is amazing... " " I dont know louise... my stephen is off the chart in amazingness."
by Hugger of Stephen April 18, 2011
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