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v. The use of a puppy or other young animal to attract children or young people with an ulterior motive in mind.
Oi! Check out the girls going to the old paedo over there with the young golden retriever. He's puppy grooming.
by Hotpepper6005 April 12, 2011
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a) part of a slice of ham overlapping the edge of the bread which is about to be placed in a toasted cheese sandwich and which could spoil in cooking if not carefully replaced;

b) parts of the 'labia major' jutting out of the side of a g-string and which take the form of an interesting fleshy protrusion
"Hey - Antony! Check out the ham overhang on my toastie before you put it in the Breville. Don't want it to spoil!"

"Sure, Fulsome. Sorry. I was in a world of my own thinking about that babe last night. When she walked by on the mezzanine I caught an eyeful of HER ham overhang!
by Hotpepper6005 May 24, 2011
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The (often surprise) discovery of a penis on a woman who, it transpires, is a transexual or, in the vernacular, a ladyboy.
Hey! Did you hear about Greg last night? He clicked with a Thai girl at the bar and when he got home with her he found she had a filly willy! Dude, was he shocked!
by Hotpepper6005 June 04, 2011
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The pillow that's been pulled out from under a woman's buttocks, used during sex to lift her hips and bum up slightly for better penetration and stimulation. It can then be used to lie one's head on, giving immediate warmth for the face and as an added bonus, additional scent.
After a great session, Milo was exhausted, so he pulled out the hot pillow from under Sharon's ass and lay his tired head down to rest. He was asleep in seconds, having been totally overcome by her transferred warmth and overpowering scent.
by Hotpepper6005 April 30, 2012
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To deliver a stinging attack on someone by email, or to chastise or rebuke a colleague or friend for an act or task they have undertaken.
"Man, my boss just laid into me for the last piece of work I submitted. He didn't have the balls to see me face to face so he just gave me a real emauling!"

Darren's friendship with Steve had completely broken down after their falling-out at the party. He decided the only way to let him know what he thought was to give him a serious emauling.
by Hotpepper6005 December 01, 2011
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