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The nickname of the NFL (National Football League) team that are currently based in St.Louis, Missouri.

The Rams started in Cleveland, Ohio in 1936, moved to Los Angeles, California in 1946 then moved to Anaheim, California in 1980 before finally moving to St.Louis in 1995.

They are the only professional sports team that has won a championship for three different cities (Cleveland in 1945, Los Angeles in 1951 and 1999 in St.Louis).

They were the first professional sports team to move to the West Coast (doing so in 1946) and were also the first NFL team to put an insignia on their helmets.

Their current owner is Stan Kroenke.

Some of their most heralded players include Kurt Warner, Jack Youngblood, Leroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch, Marshall Faulk, David "Deacon" Jones, Eric Dickerson and Isaac Bruce.
Let's all go down to the stadium and watch the Rams kick some San Francisco 49ers butt!
by Hornheadicus Maximus October 18, 2010
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