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Free drunk mainly from the various alcoholic substances given away at gallery openings. When the art world gathers to pretend they are looking at new art, and in actuality are looking at each other and the coked out model, wine, beer, or a limited gamut of mixed drinks are given away at no cost. For as everyone knows, the drunker one gets, the crazier the party will be, and the more it will be talked about the next day. If you're a gallery owner, then that is success.

"I can barely swipe my metrocard at the turnstile to get on the L train, I am so frunk off the red wine that cute boy was handing out at Gagosain!"

"I am such a poor art school student that I can't even afford a bottle of Gato Negro. I think I should go gallery hopping tonight."
by Hi Def February 21, 2009

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