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A place in Kissimmee FL to throw all you're money down the shitter on AE and Pac Sun clothes and see a slightly overpriced movie in a packed ass theater where someone is bound to have a laser pointer and and you'll probably start a screaming match with the MidaMida sitting 4 seats down who's txting on her $20 gophone from wally world and wont put it on silent or turn down the brightness. On an average weekend it's usually packed with tons of people of all ages, all races, all personality's, filling up all the stores and breathing all the stale air. You can usually find a couple groups of scenesters such as ~~~~~~~~cobee or Jaded~~~~~~, Viva la g~~~; or Naked M~~~, N~~~~ Naplam, A~~~~~ Lynne; K~~~ a dino, Bre~She~~~, M3L~~~~! or any other myspace user between the ages of 13 and 20 who lives anywhere in the 407 or 321. There are always cops and they dont do much. It's the EASIEST place to sneak into an R movie because the movie theater staff is lazy as shit. It gets boring after a few times and it all got old fast, but at least there's a tilly's now in the loop west! (:
Middle Schooler 1: Hey you wanna go chill at the loop tonight!?
Middle Schooler 2: and do what?
Middle Schooler 1: Get High?
Middle Schooler 2: Sure I'd love to get high at the loop! All the cool kids do it!
by Hey baby, (; December 28, 2008
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