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Indie started out as being an individualist (hence the name indie), wearing what you want and listening to what you like (but mostly unheard of or obscure bands) but now has become more of a fashion which some people like and others do not.
British Indie is sort of a mix between mod and punk. The style of a mod and the attitude of a punk. The music listend to is the smiths, blur,the cure and bands which are heavily influenced (by agian, mod and punk bands) like the libertines, the others, the cribs, the coral, the paddingtons and bloc party amoungsed many others.
dad: Who do you think you are? Paul Weller?
mum: No, he thinks he's Joe Strummer!
gran: look at ya with ya scruffy jeans and messy hair. in my day you'd get a good sound thrashing if you went out like that!
by Hey Scenesters! May 31, 2005

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