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words to my crocs bitch is a phrase used mostly by new yorkers. the phrase means “i swear” or “told you so
person one: “bro, madison beer just followed my insta.”

person two: “no way, show me”

person one: *pulls up instagram and shows that madison beer follows them back* see? words to my crocs bitch 🤪
by HereForWhat February 20, 2021
A word used against Pakistanis and Pakistanis only. This word is to not be said by anyone other than a Pakistani. No, this word isn’t for indians, bengalis, nepalis, etc..to say. end of discussion. And also it’s NOT short for Pakistani. Be respectful, use Pakistani. It’s literally not hard to say PAKISTANI. Show us some respect :)
Person 1: Bro that’s my paki
Person 2: Bro what’s up my paki?
by HereForWhat April 25, 2020
lana del rey. the most talented, most gorgeous, most powerful singer to exist. no singer compares to lana.
“what religion do you practice?”

“the religion of lana del rey.”
by HereForWhat January 4, 2021