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5 definitions by Henrey Spezialeinheiten

A concept in which a satirical depiction of reality becomes true or similar to reality to some extent after some period of time. The term "Onion Effect" comes from The Onion. A popular satire news network, in which many of their satirical news videos end up becoming somewhat similar to reality in the future. E.g., "Police say School Shooter had history of School shootings" (2009) and "Republicans Stalling Obama's Agenda By Speaking, Moving In Slow Motion" (2012). This observation has also created many jokes suggesting that the Onion can foresee the future.
"Lmao that's literally the Onion effect."
"That's just the Onion effect."
by Henrey Spezialeinheiten March 30, 2021
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A stupid piece of shit that doesn't even fucking work that you just wasted your time, money and effort on.

Physical Examples include:
-Basically every electronic known to man
"God damnit this stupid piece of shit doesn't even fucking work!"
"Why the fuck is this shit not working?!"
"Stupid piece of shit!"
"Doesn't even fucking work..."
"Stupid piece of shit that doesn't even fucking work!"
by Henrey Spezialeinheiten July 4, 2020
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bu-um noogit

Something that one says when someone is being a dumbass or does something stupid, or is in general an all round little shit.
"You fucking bum nugget"
"Bum nugget!"
"Fucking bum nugget bro"
"Such a fucking bum nugget"
by Henrey Spezialeinheiten May 31, 2020
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"Trust me, i'm an engineer!"

Is a phrase meaning that someone is inexperienced or lacking in a skill and yet is pretending to know what their doing.

Such as stating that they are more knowledgeable or experienced than they actually are. It can also be used in the context of a recent particularly stupid event happening such as someone doing something stupid and cascading into an internet compilation worthy grand failure. The phrase was popularized by a video on YouTube called "Trust me, i'm an engineer !" posted in 2012 by a channel currently called, "TheVilkaz".

or just an engineer in tf2 who has no idea what hes doing but its really just the same concept
"Trust me, i'm an engineer!"
"Don't worry, trust me, im an engineer!"
by Henrey Spezialeinheiten July 10, 2020
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On today's exact date, everyone on social media needs to shut the fuck up about what day it is; as if anyone actually gave a fuck in the first place.
Your participation is mandatory and the government has created the STFUEB (Shut The Fuck Up Enforcement Bureau) to ensure your cooperation.
Now get the hell out of here you fat, lifeless internet slob.
"No actually it's Shut The Fuck Up day"
"It's Shut The Fuck Up day today"
"Shut the fuck up"
"No one fucking cares about your stupid day"
by Henrey Spezialeinheiten November 29, 2021
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