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The act of throwing out a vicious, obnoxious fart in bed and then holding the head of a loved one underneath the sheets, either until they pass out or better still vomit.
I knew that I had left a skiddie in my pants as I curved out a stinkfart. I then asked my wife to check under the covers to see whether there was a spider. She was immediately overcome by the repugnant gas that was down there and try as she might, she couldn't fight as my hands held her head in place. When she came up eventually, she remarked that she felt nauseous and that I had indeed shit my pants in the process. Nice!
by Heinkel Winkle July 30, 2004
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After anal intercourse, most people are okay and can get on with life but for some, this act is accompanied by a feeling of tenderness around the anal opening. This is known as sore butt.
He had just Come Out and ventured onto the Gay Scene. The lesbians looked at him and smiled knowingly because they knew he had just walked into the Lion's Den. The gay men smiled appreciatively because this was New Meat. A man named Rupert walked across and grabbed the young gay man by the buns and after several drinks, took him home to Newbury, where they had very hot anal sex. The next day, he got up and dressed but felt a hot stabbing sensation in his rear end. He had sore butt. He was now a fully-fledged homosexual and was proud of his new lifestyle. Yay for gay!
by Heinkel Winkle July 31, 2004
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