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An utterly appealing, sexy ass motherfucker. He doesn't engage in sexual intercourse with any mothers, however. He DOES engage in amazing sexual intercourse with many lovers and spreads his knowledge of passionate love-making throughout the world. One would say James Arp is obnoxious and egotistical, but do not believe them. They're idiots. Everyone knows James Arp is smart, possibly a genius, and has a very very bright future ahead of him. One of a kind, if you manage to find this rare specimen in the wilds, you better use a Masterball to catch him. You only get one chance. Beware of his big penis. Subspecies of James.
Oh shit! That's a James Arp! Throw your Masterball nigga! Don't let him do BIG DICK ATTACK!
by Hash Ketchem May 28, 2012
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