5 definitions by HamMafiaFan

the most toxic, disgusting, tumorous form of Cancer but its put onto an app
"Twitter is fucking cringe"
by HamMafiaFan October 24, 2020
Derived from: Dicotarded

Someone who acts Dicotarded or acts like a Dicotard, is a fucking moron in public or in a public chat

i.e. sending porn of George Floyd in general chat, shitposting in announcements, etc.
"Wtf, stop acting like a Dicotard!"

"No :tf:"
by HamMafiaFan June 4, 2021
Oil Floats on Water!”
“1) Wait for it to Rain?”
“2) Cover Yourself in Oil-“
“3) Fly...”
by HamMafiaFan December 5, 2020
An extremely funny Twitter Man / Content Creator
"Hey, you should follow Dico on Twitter, he's really funny!"

"No, Cringe"
by HamMafiaFan October 24, 2020