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1) When a man barges violently into the bathroom while his friend is taking a shit, points at him and says sternly: "Are you quite finished?"

2) When a woman turns to her lover after he has been stuffing her like a thanksgiving turkey for three hours or more and exclaims "Are you quite finished?"
1) Bob, upon forced entry into Dave's bathroom: "Are you quite finished?"

2) Maria to Brian "Are you quite finished? We've been fucking for sixteen hours now. I have work, you know." Brian: "Nope" and proceeds to giving her an alligator fuckhouse and multiple donkey punches.
by haewood Jablowmeeberg July 07, 2009
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1) When a man is about to nail a woman anally but finds, to his dismay, that there is already a butt-plug situated in the confines of her anal region. She is a No Parking Zone

2) A helpful reminder that women in this state can wear on a sign around their necks
1) John (in his head): "Oh boy, I think I can sneak my Johnson in her ass tonight!" Upon finding a butt-plug conveniently (for Sarah) located in her shitter, he exclaims: "Aww! This bitch has a no parking zone!"

2) Steven: O dude! I would love to stick my custard-launcher into her butt!
Kareem: Hate to burst your bubble bro, but she has a "no parking zone" sign on her neck.
Steven: aww man. o well, lets smoke some bud
Kareem: That's the spirit!
by Haewood Jablowmeeberg July 07, 2009
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