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Gang Stalking is a form of bullying and intimidation from multiple perpertraitors.

Whereas ordinary bullying is usually one on one, and workplace mobbing is where multiple people in one workplace attack one (or a few) person(s), Gang Stalking involves multiple people attacking one person in any situation.

Groups of people, or, loosely organised people pick a target, and attempt to destroy the victims life in any way that they can.

They attempt to scare and terrorise their target, causing anxiety and other problems.

They will do whatever they can to get the target fired from their job.

People become a victim when they have attacked a member of a group (ie gang) as part of revenge, or, in the case of political groups, attack their political opponents such as authors, etc.

The person who is responsible for picking the victim out is called the Gang Stalking Rat.

All of this is done secretly, and is usually known only to the attackers, and the victims. Other people around the victim will be oblivious as to what is going on.

I experienced multiple people harrasing me in the same manner, all of them seemed to know more about me than what they ordinarily should have. I was the victim of Gang Stalking.

Phil was trying to get me fired and cause me to lose friends, and lose credibility. Phil was doing the same things as many other people I've come accross before. He was yet another Gang Stalker.

by Gregory the First February 27, 2009

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