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You feel on top of the world, everything is going well for you, your feeling positive, then you walk outside and people seem to put you in your place. And you seem to lose your dreams and goals. Society puts you back in your place. Ratuck is the feeling you get when your put back into place in society, and dont achieve those goals anymore, you were aspiring too
You walk outside and your dreams all changed after walking past several people and making eye contact, your dreams appear small now and worthless. You feel like ratuck by the people, has taken place, lost of dreams and hopes.
by Greg B Jones September 29, 2009
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Is the name you call a person who believes another should be on medication prescribed by psychiatrists, by their own diagnosis.
My family believe I should be on psychiatrist medication as I have issues at home, no-one can resolve. They have telltom a disorder of controlling their child by medication, but have no psychiatrist training.
by Greg B Jones September 16, 2009
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