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Green Day is one of the biggest definitions of awful music. People say they are sell outs, which isn't really true. They have always sucked. But, they did manage to sell out with American Idiot I guess. They wanted to make people believe they actually gave a shit about politics, and make kids feel like "grown ups" because they were involved in politics too. Bullshit. But, I guess they succeeded, which when you think about is no surprise, considering the country is made up of mostly dumbass.
Plus, they are AWFUL mucisians. I play guitar, drums, and bass. Within a week, I could play any Green Day song I listened to. And their lyrics? "I walk this empty street, on the boulevard of broken dreams". I mean, come on people, it doesn't get much worse than that. And yes, their name did come from smoking pot all day long. In an interview with The Rolling Stone, they said it themselves.
Green Day belongs in an anus.

Yes, they are the true definition of awful music.
by Green Day Is Anus November 08, 2005

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